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Cycle 3

From October 9 to December 11, 2021.

The third cycle of the Brussels Citizens' Assembly was organized in the fall of 2021. This cycle was of the productive type : it produced a Citizen Resolution on a specific theme.

Given the health situation, it took place in a hybrid way with face-to-face meetings, virtual moments and via an online platform.




3 > 14/10/21

Information and exploration

15/10 > 22/11/21

Deliberation and

23/10 > 20/11/21


26/11 > 2/12/21

Celebration and



On October 9th, a welcome session enabled assemblists to learn about the intentions, stages and modalities of this cycle, as well as the framework aiming to ensure inclusive and qualitative deliberations, and the theme of 'employment'. For the latter, they formulated a a starting question to focus the work of the assembly. On the basis of the exchanges and needs stated by the assemblists, a starting question was proposed to the assemblists and validated by them.

How can each Brussels resident have access to decent, suiting employment?

Starting question


On October 18th, a panel of experts answered questions from assemblists on employment and gave an overview of employment policy in the Brussels-Capital Region.


On October 23rd, the assemblists took ownership of the original question and began to deliberate and develop proposals in sub-groups.


From October 26th  to November 8th, via an online platform, a comment phase allowed each assemblist to take ownership of the results of the October 23 deliberations, to supplement them and to issue points of attention or objections.


In this same phase, each assemblist could also choose on which aspect of the question he or she wished to get involved during the final drafting phase.


On November 20th, the proposals were finalized .


The validation of the proposals took place via the online platform


The validation form offered three choices: “I agree.” ; “I have reservations, but I agree.” ; “I have an objection.” Each assemblist could also justify his or her positions by writing in a paragraph any reservations and objections.


On December 11th, the proposals were presented by the assemblists, signed and delivered to the deputy Pepijn Kennis, followed by a celebration and press conference.

Photos of the December 11 presentation.

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