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The Experts

Six speaker-experts informed the assemblists on various themes relating to housing in Brussels.


Here are their interventions.

Assemblee Citoyenne Bruxelloise - visage

Text: Autonomy Insurance

Celine Fremaultis a member of the cdH. She is one of the custodians of the ordinance proposal.

Professor Celine Mahieuis a sociologist at the School of Public Health of the Free University of Brussels, within the Center for Research in Social Approaches to Health (CRISS). Professor Mahieu discusses the challenges of autonomy insurance in Brussels

Olivier Gillisis Director of the Health and Social Observatory. Mr Gillis can present the latest figures and show how the health and social systems are organized in Brussels. 

Text: Cyberviolence

Teacher. Dr. Michel Walrave  works in the MIOS research group at the University of Antwerp and specializes among other things in cyber violence. Professor Walrave will mainly focus on the figures available on cyber violence and the different types of cyber violence

Yves Bastaerts  deputy director of the BPS, the Brussels government service for prevention and security. Mr. Bastaerts will talk about what the Brussels government has done so far against cyber violence, what is planned and the obstacles to certain actions.

Text: Aldermen and CPAS

Gilles Balis is parliamentary attaché of Agora

Emilie Van Hauteis a researcher, Lecturer in the Master of Political Science and President of the Department of Political Science at the Université Libre de Bruxelles. She is also a member of CEVIPOL (Centre for the Study of Political Life). She is a specialist in political sociology and Belgian politics. His research focuses on the study of political actors: voters, members, activists, parties, candidates, parliamentarians, etc. His thesis quickly turned to a study of party members in Belgium. Aurelie Tibbautis a doctoral student and Assistant in Political Science at the University of Brussels. His research focuses on the implementation of local governance reforms in the Brussels Region.

Text: Accessible to people with disabilities

Miguel Gerezworks for the non-profit organization AMT Concept, a non-profit organization committed to a more accessible society. Mr. Gerez will speak more from a lived perspective: what are the daily obstacles in the city with reduced mobility. But also what are the different forms of reduced mobility.

Maxime Vanderstraetenis an academic expert from Saint-Louis University, among others specializing in this subject. Mr. Vanderstraeten can show figures, can present pros and cons, provide general guidance.

Text: Free access to sanitary protection

Veronica Martinez  is the director of BruZelle, a non-profit organization that fights menstrual poverty. Ms. Martinez will rather speak from a lived perspective: what are the daily obstacles in the city of menstrual poverty.

Elisa Thixon is parliamentary attaché for Agora

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