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By assemblists from previous cycles.

The first reactions

In spring 2021, 40 people were selected to participate in the 2nd cycle of the Brussels Citizens' Assembly. We gathered some of their reactions during the first meeting.

It is simply a wonderful opportunity given to us to be able to participate in the political life of our big city. It is an opportunity that I personally did not want to miss. It is one of the democratic exercises which is quite interesting. [...] To see democracy exercised is something formidable - and that unfortunately there is not in all the countries of the world.

When I received the letter that said we had been drawn I really thought it was a joke. I was very surprised, so I waited a little bit, and then I registered anyway. I am pleasantly surprised at how it will turn out. how it went. It is very good news that we are being asked to do these kinds of things. We should have done it a long time ago, thank you for the job you do.

We always remember that we have rights, but it also reminds us that we have duties. To be able to participate in it as we have done today is an extraordinary way.

After this hard and difficult year, it's finally something that I find super positive, it's really a motivation, it's something new, when I received the letter, at my age I don't remember the last time I won something so that was great! Thank you for this initiative.

For me this is a very positive situation that I really appreciate. I see that it is organized very warmly. I hope we will do a great job together.

I am very curious to see you. I would like to salute the positive initiative. I think it's to be welcomed when people take initiatives - whatever they are. I am curious to see the positive energy that could come out of this project. I will add a small stone with great pleasure - if I can, later, as a substitute. Congratulations on the initiative.

For someone who is not Belgian, it will push me to try to understand the Belgian system, which sometimes seems a little complicated for a foreigner. Super happy to be part of this initiative. Thank you for all the work and all the organization, because we can see that there is work behind it. Well done.

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